Limited Edition Digital Print


Digital DrawingFeaturing SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s digital artwork, this stunning piece is for anyone who appreciates contemporary style. It is the perfect gift for someone special or a great treat for yourself.

MEDIUM: Digital drawing mounted on panel
DIMENSIONS: 8in x 8in
Made in New Mexico

NOTE: Each piece is uniquely designed with original artwork by SHADOWLANDS DESIGN and custom-printed. Slight variations in color may occur due to the custom processes. A piece can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete.


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SHADOWLANDS DESIGN makes useful things that transform the ordinary, like these striking abstract digital prints. These works on paper are always collectible and make perfect gifts.

SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s art to wear and works on paper are inspired by the wild and remote badlands of the Southwestern United States, Northern New Mexico to be exact. Its cutting edge digital designs are created by well-known Santa Fe-based artist/photographer Leah Siegel.  SHADOWLANDS DESIGN hopes you will be delighted with its eclectic merger of Art, Nature and Technology.

Timeless, ageless, sizeless, our creations let you immediately transform a mood, change an entire outfit or room, make a bold or subtle statement, join in the latest fashion trends. Buy them for yourself or give them as gifts to your friends, relatives, colleagues, men and women alike.


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