About Shadowlands Design

SHADOWLANDS DESIGN, created by artist/photographer Leah Siegel and based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, makes striking limited-edition wearable art and functional items.

Timeless, ageless and size-less, SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s art-to-wear and home décor are fashion as well as lifestyle accessories for everyone in all seasons. You can immediately alter the ordinary, transform a mood, change an outfit or a room, make a powerful statement with drama and flair or a subtle one with restraint and elegance. You can buy them for yourself and easily give them as gifts to friends, colleagues and relatives – to men and women alike. SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s limited-edition creations are always collectible.

SHADOWLANDS DESIGN grew out of Leah’s desire to expand her portfolio so that more people might enjoy her artwork. Inspired by her investigations in digital technology and her explorations in the remote badlands of the American Southwest, Leah imagined the abstract irregular patterns in her contemporary digital work as interesting textile art. She experimented with altering some of her images and digitally printed them on silk.The fabric results were extraordinary, and SHADOWLANDS DESIGN was born!

SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s limited-edition useful things include silk scarves/wall hangings; aluminum cuff bracelets; throw pillows; and works on paper. Each piece is signed by the artist. All products are digitally printed at state of the art facilities in the USA that use eco-friendly water-based nano pigment inks. The scarves and wall hangings are made of Habotai, 100% natural fiber silk, a lightweight shimmering material that today comes from China. The silk and the linen are easy to care for: just hand wash in cold water with gentle soap, and iron on the reverse side.